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Thickener 102

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  • Provides superior emulsion stability for oil-in-water emulsions
  • Offers excellent transparency of aqueous gels
  • Enables easy incorporation of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA)
  • Enhances sensory properties with good skin feel, low stickiness, and tackiness
  • Provides favorable shear-thinning effects and viscoelastic properties
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Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/Beheneth-25 Methacrylate Crosspolymer, is a highly effective emulsifying and stabilizing ingredient widely used in the cosmetics industry. This hydrophobically modified synthetic polymer offers exceptional emulsion stability in a broad range of oils due to its unique chemical structure.


  • High molecular weight acrylamidomethylpropane sulfonic acid (AMPS) polymer
    Partially neutralized with ammonia
  • Contains a smaller oil-loving (hydrophobic) portion and a large water-loving (hydrophilic) portion
  • Pre-neutralized and easy to use thickener 102
  • Provides excellent yield value and stability, even without additional emulsifiers


This is an ideal gelling agent for aqueous systems and a perfect texturizer or thickener for oil-in-water emulsions. With its exceptional stability and sensory properties, this ingredient is a great choice for small cosmetics brands looking to create high-quality products.

Formulations comprising goolshop thickener 102 exhibit excellent transparency of aqueous gels and perfect compatibility with organic solvents. Due to the hydrophobic modification, even low concentrations of goolshop thickener 102 can stabilize high amounts of oil, providing great value for formulators.

In addition to its excellent rheological properties, goolshop thickener 102 provides formulations with superior sensory properties, leaving the skin with a good feel and low degree of stickiness or tackiness. With its easy incorporation of AHA’s, even at low pH levels, goolshop thickener 102 is a versatile ingredient that can be used to create a variety of cosmetic products.

Choose goolshop thickener 102 for superior stability, excellent sensory properties, and ease of use. Add to cart now to experience the benefits of this exceptional ingredient.


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