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Micronized Titanium Dioxide

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  • Provides excellent UVB protection with minimal white effect on skin
  • Micronized titanium dioxide causes less skin whitening than regular titanium dioxide.
  • High transmittance of visible light for a natural-looking finish
  • Does not leave a white film on skin, unlike regular titanium dioxide
  • Great inertness, safe and reliable ingredient for cosmetics
  • Suitable for a variety of personal care and cosmetic products.
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Micronized titanium dioxide is a popular inorganic sunscreen used in sunscreen products and as well as in a variety of cosmetic and personal care products. It is a micronized white pigment with a high refractive index and excellent light-scattering properties. Derived from the naturally occurring mineral ilmenite, this ingredient is known for its ability to reflect and scatter light, making it an excellent option for sunscreens, foundations, and other products that require UV protection.


  • Average particle size is about 15 nm
  • Reflects sunlight (UVB rays)
  • Derived from the naturally occurring mineral ilmenite
  • Synonyms: cosmetic white, rutile, brookite, tipaque, zopaque, titanic anhydride

Overall, micronized titanium dioxide is a versatile and effective ingredient that is perfect for small cosmetics brands looking to add UV protection to their products. With its natural-looking finish and excellent light-scattering properties, this ingredient is a must-have for anyone looking to create high-quality and effective cosmetic products.
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